What are your rates?

It depends. First, our hourly rate is $150 per hour but many of our projects are billed on a per project basis. We're glad to give you a ball park how the "all-in" for a various project.


Do we have to sign a contract?

We hate them and we expect you to also. If we do have a support contract, it can be cancelled at any point. In a few cases, we've been able to "fire ourselves" by making IT seamless enough where we are no longer needed. 


We aren't in Houston, can you still help us?

It depends. For projects, we are glad to travel in order to work together. For flat-fee IT, we need to be able to be on-site with you at a moments notice to diagnose and resolve any issue that might arise. 


What's are your favorite albums of that last few decades?

This isn't that hard. 80's: U2's The Joshua Tree, 90's: Green Day's Dookie, 00's: John Mayer's Continuum (Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker for runner-up), 10's: Can we say Taylor Swift's 1989?


What's the most common issue you help with?

Most people don't know where to get started on using technology to make the business efficient. They know they want fast internet, printers that print, but don't know where to go from there. Though we can do all of that, we really like helping business bridge a lot of moving parts into what seems like one-seamless solution. 

Also, to answer it directly: Faster Internet and helping technology work correctly for a business. 

What Industries do you work with?

We're all over the map. We do a lot of Retail IT help but can assist with Oil and Gas IT, Real Estate Tech Support, NonProfit Support, among many others.