Streamline Blog

Welcome to Streamline's blog. This is a place where we'll share our story, technology tips, and general thoughts. Our hope is that you gain encouragement from seeing how we are growing our business, value in our technology advice, and interest in our thoughts on whatever we are writing about at the moment (less Taylor Swift album review {always awesome} and more thoughts on recent Apple releases or new products hitting the market). 

With that, let me start by saying who we are. If you came from our homepage, then we did a very poor job of telling a compelling story. In case we missed that mark, we are a technology consultancy and implementation firm (AKA IT Company) that works mostly on Apple Computers. Most of the time this means we are doing IT services for small businesses in and around the Houston area. On the other hand, we work with businesses to help refine a few processes and implement new technologies to help facilitate the new process.

The thing we love doing most is going into businesses that have been frustrated with technology and making technology work as it should. It seems so simple but, as most of you know, it's not always as easy at it would seem. 

In blogs to come, we'll share more about how we do what we do but we're glad you're here.